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French Green Clay, known as illite, is a 100% natural bio-organic material. Over thousands of years in the earth it absorbs a wealth of essential minerals from the plant kingdom including Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Alumina, Phosphorous, & Sodium. After removal from the ground the Illite is naturally sun-dried, capturing the solar energy which activates the vital minerals and trace elements within.

We know that centuries ago our ancient ancestors knew of the powers of clay and, along with plants, herbs & other natural substances, was vital to ancient man in the absence of modern medicine. Today, however, as we increasingly steer away from much of conventional 21st century treatments and natural alternatives are becoming more popular, the benefits of clay are being rediscovered across the world. In France in particular the therapeutic use of clay is now commonplace and substantial numbers of users have testified to its success in treating a wide range of disorders.

At Scent By Nature, we supply 100% pure Sun-dried 20 micron fine "Cattier Superfine" French Green Clay, the finest of all clays. This clay is 100% natural, guaranteed sun-dried, no artificial preservatives with no irradiation. The ready mixed clay contains only Illite clay 53% and water 47%.

Where Does Illite Come From?
Sun-dried French Green Clay has been extracted from quarries in France by a specialist company for over 50 years. The chosen sites are pollution-free and selected for their high mineral content. Drying is carried out exclusively by the sun and the clay is produced without preservatives and inspected according to the meticulous standards of the International Standards Organization (I.S.O). This guarantees that we can consistently supply Illite Clay of the highest purity & quality.
Finished products are dermatologically tested by volunteers, and no tests are carried out on animals.

How Can Green Clay Help Me?
Illite can be used topically. The essential minerals within the clay are released and the body absorbs those it needs to maintain health & vigour.

French Green Clay is believed to hinder  the exacerbation of infection and have a regenerating action on the tissues.
Scientific research into this is ongoing. See (Williams & Haydel) and G.S.A. Press Release.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of illite is its ability to act according to each person's specific needs. Unlike chemical medicines, which can destroy healthy tissues and beneficial bacteria as well as bad, illite is selective allowing healing to take place at a natural rate. Green Clay also possesses analgesic properties effective in relieving muscular or joint pains by decongesting the affected area. In addition, Illite is a valuable beauty treatment and is the main ingredient in many natural face masks, bath & spa products. It has a deep cleansing action, removes dead skin cells, absorbs impurities, excess sebum & oils to keep the skin smooth, fresh & radiant.

How Do I Use Illite Clay?
Sun-dried French Green Clay is exceptionally versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways:
  • EXTERNAL USE: French Green Clay is supplied in its natural dried form as a fine powder and ready mixed with water. Use as a poultice or plaster to maintain & supplement the effects of a spa treatment in your regular beauty routine. Also use as a face mask, as a bath treatment and for minor first aid requirements. 
    • To Prepare A Poultice: Pour the required quantity of Illite into a large glass bowl. Cover with water (1 - 2 cm) mix with a wooden spoon and allow up to 2 hours for the clay to absorb the water. Mix to a smooth paste. Spread 1 - 2 cm thick layer of paste onto a piece of gauze. Apply directly to the affected area, gauze uppermost, securing with a bandage. Leave in place for up to 2 hours but do not allow the paste to dry. Discard the poultice and re-apply a fresh one if required.
    • Mineral Baths: Add a large handful of dried Green Clay to a deep bath to soften the skin & invigorate the system.
    • For First Aid: Illite is also supplied in tubes as a ready to use paste for immediate application to all common first aid needs, apply 1 - 2 cm thick layer of clay to the desired area.
    • Face Mask: To prepare a deep cleansing beauty face mask apply a thick layer of Green Clay paste to your face. Leave for 10 - 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
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Externally, Sun-dried French Green Clay can also be combined with other natural substances such as lemon juice, herbal infusions, aloe vera and pure essential oils which can be selected to mutually enhance their action.

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