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Sun dried FRENCH GREEN CLAY is a most remarkable natural substance! First used centuries ago by the Romans, Greeks and Ancient Egyptians to treat a wide variety of ailments its application is becoming increasingly widespread, especially in France where its successes have been well documented.

Our clay products are made from pure Green Clay, which is produced from quarries in France to meticulous international standards to ensure its purity and has lain in the ground for thousands of years. During this time it absorbs a wealth of vegetable and mineral micro-nutrients. 

These constituents become more active as the clay is exposed to the sun to dry and when applied to the body, either internally or externally, help to eliminate toxins while the body absorbs the minerals it needs to maintain equilibrium and vitality.

French green clay acts differently on each person and seems to adapt its action in response to the circumstances it encounters.
Also, it is an excellent substance for combining with essential oils, each having a synergistic effect on the other to enhance their mutual properties.

Green Clay Therapy can be used for a wide range of first aid situations, cosmetic treatments such as beauty masks and is available in various clay product forms for simple but effective use at home:

An essential addition to the family first aid kit for slight wounds, minor burns, muscles, joints, sprains & more.

French Green Clay Paste - image

  • FACE MASK: To make deep cleansing beauty masks for oily, or combination skin - mix 2 teaspoons of Green Clay Paste with 4 drops of Geranium, Ylang Ylang or Sandalwood essential oil. Apply 1-2cm of prepared paste to the face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
    Tightens the pores and maintains a glowing complexion.


BATHING: Add a handfull of Green Clay to bathwater with your chosen essential oils. The mineral salts can invigorate and soften the skin.

French Green Clay Powder - image

  • POULTICE: To make a natural application for muscles and joints, put a good quantity of Powdered Green Clay into a large glass bowl. Add spring water and mix with a wooden spoon. Allow the clay to absorb the water (1 - 2 hours) then add up to 6 drops of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ginger or Rosemary essential oils. 
    Mix again to a smooth paste.
    Put 2cm thick layer of the prepared paste onto a piece of gauze or fine cloth. Fold the four quarters. Apply the compress directly on the desired area. Secure with a bandage and leave in place for 1-2 hours before renewing if necessary - to continue the action of the clay and oils.
    Do not allow the clay to dry out before removing.
    Never re-use a poultice.

A luxurious blend of Cedarwood oil, pure green clay, coconut fats & minerals with an invigorating natural aroma. As you bath or shower, massage briskly into areas such as hips, thighs & buttocks for use as a body exfoliant.

French Green Clay Soap - image

Not just another fashionable remedy...

Make pure, sun-dried French Green Clay a vital part of YOUR life!

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