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Sadly, rabbits are one of the most neglected of all domestic pets and deserve better!
To keep your rabbit in tip top condition, good sanitation is vital. Dirty housing left unattended can result in serious bacterial infections, especially in warm weather.

Rabbit cages and hutches need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly but never with strong, phenol based disinfectants which are lethal to rabbits (and cats).

Instead, make a solution using 8 drops of anti-bacterial Tea Tree essential oil to half a bucket of hot water and wash all over the hutch. Use a brush to reach well into the corners. 
Rinse with clean water and
allow to dry thoroughly before returning your rabbit to its home.

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PLEASE BE AWARE that using essential oils to treat animals, as with personal use, is at the owners risk and professional veterinary advice should be sought if you are worried, or the condition is serious.

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