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When essential oils are applied during a full body massage the inhalation of the scent combined with the nurturing effects of touch can help to relax the muscles, ease aches and pains, boost the circulation and eliminate toxins from the body.
In a loving relationship the soothing touch of a sensual massage by a willing partner can also be an excellent way to help release tensions, reduce anxiety and increase self confidence. Rose and Ylang Ylang essential oils have a remarkable affinity with the female psyche and can be very helpful for heightening sensuality.
Massage can be one of the most effective ways of reducing stress and tension in order to bring about a state of deep relaxation resulting in renewed energy. You don't need to be an expert, home massage therapy technique is easy to learn and treatment in the comfort of your own surroundings can be just as therapeutic as a professional session.

Preparing for massage
Choose pure essential oils to suit your mood or condition and dilute 3-6 drops per 2 teaspoons (10ml) of carrier oil such as Grapeseed or Sweet Almond. About 4 teaspoons (20ml) will be required for a full body massage.

Sensual blend for women - rose otto 2 drops - sandalwood 3 drops - ylang ylang 1 drop

Sensual blend for men - bergamot 3 drops - clary sage 1 drop - cedarwood 2 drops

"Can't switch off" blend - frankincense 3 drops - lavender 3 drops

Muscle & joint blend - rosemary 3 drops - lavender 2 drops - black pepper 1 drop

The room to be used should be comfortably warm.

A massage can be carried out on a bed, mattress or padded floor, covered with towels.

To enhance the relaxing atomsphere, the same essential oils which are being used for the massage can be vaporised in an oil burner and a piece of sensual or calming music can be played in the background.

Never massage over recent scars, cuts or abrasions and avoid varicose veins, joints and bony areas of the body.

Full body sensual massage technique
Begin your massage with warm hands, keeping them flat but relaxed. Use a series of slow, purposeful stroking movements at a constant pressure which your partner enjoys. Direct each movement towards the heart maintaining constant contact with the skin. As each stroke is repeated over several minutes, the more relaxing it becomes.

The Back
Oil the palms of the hands with your chosen blend and spread over your partners back. Beginning with one palm at each side of the lower back, slide the hands all the way up each side of the back, out over the shoulders and return back down each side.

The Neck & Shoulders
Use firm, circular stroking movements around the shoulder blades then using the thumbs stroke up each side of the vertebrae in the neck to the hairline. Stroke down the neck with flat fingers.
Using slow, gentle kneading movements squeeze and release the top shoulder muscle from the shoulder edge along to the neck.

The Arms
Spread the oil over your partners arms and holding their hand with your hand, use your other hand to stroke from the wrist up to the shoulder. Change hands and stroke up the inside of the arm to the armpit.

The Legs & Feet
Spread oil over the whole of the back of the leg. Stroke firmly up towards the thigh, alternately taking one hand right to the top of the leg and the other just up to the knee. Continue this alternate stroking in an upward direction.
Holding the foot with one hand, press and rotate the thumb of your other hand carefully into the tissue of the sole, covering the entire surface.

The Abdomen
Apply some oil all over the stomach and up to the rib cage. With your hands overlapping, start from the naval and work outwards using wider and wider slow circular stroking movements in a clockwise direction.

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When the massage is completed cover your partner with warmed towels and allow them as much time as they need to feel fully relaxed and restored.

Always drink plenty of water following a massage to help the body flush out toxins.

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