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At various times during our research, we have found several references to Eucalyptus essential oil being a particularly effective gardening pest control against aphids such as greenfly & blackfly. Intrigued by this, we decided to conduct a series of experiments over several years, using Eucalyptus specifically against greenfly and blackfly. We experimented with various dilutions and frequency of spraying on plants with heavy infestation and found the following procedure to be most effective:

Blackfly infestation

  • NOTE: As Eucalyptus is not a poison, it does not kill the aphids directly on contact but seems to be absorbed by the plant which appears to be stimulated to produce its own toxins? which then eliminate the aphids as they feed on new growth. The visible signs of this take 2-3 weeks from the first spraying so patience is necessary, but the effects are long lasting.

METHOD: Mix 20 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil with 1 litre of water, shake the sprayer once or twice to mix and spray thoroughly all over the plant. The first application is important to ensure the plant is covered on all surfaces.

  • Shake the mixture every 15 seconds or so to ensure the oil stays evenly dispersed.

  • Repeat at 7 day intervals until the infestation begins to disappear. This may take 2-3 weeks depending upon the degree of infestation and the particular plant being treated.

  • Once the aphids start to decrease this will be a rapid process and when eliminated entirely, the plant should remain free of attack for that season although further precautionary treatments will cause the plant no harm.

Don't forget, patience is required but will be rewarded.

1 x 10ml bottle is sufficient for approx. 10 applications!

Eucalyptus oil for gardening pest control - image

If you have tried this treatment and found it helpful, please let us know.

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