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Some of the most prevalent of all plant diseases are garden fungus such as mildew, rust and black spot - to which roses are particularly susceptible.
We know from our experiments that these and other molds can be treated with Tea Tree essential oil which has anti-fungal properties.

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Spray plants, trees, fruits or vegetables thoroughly, preferably at the first sign of attack although badly affected subjects can be successfully treated.

Method: Mix 20 drops of Tea Tree oil in 1 litre of water and shake thoroughly to mix. It is important to give the mixture a brief shake every 15 seconds or so during spraying to ensure the oil remains evenly dispersed.

  • Repeat every 5 days until new healthy growth appears.
  • Spray once a month to prevent further attack. 

We have found this treatment to be particularly effective when used to treat blackspot on Roses and rust on Hollyhocks, which is generally difficult to erradicate.

Tea Tree Oil Pack

1 x 10ml bottle of Tea Tree oil is sufficient for approx. 10 applications.

If you have tried this treatment and been pleased with the results then please let us know

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